RIU Pravets Resort Golf and SPA

Working design project for a SPA center with indoor pool at the Golf complex and country club Pravets city Designed and realized on two floor levels with a void for the staircase connecting them upon a total area of 3700 m2. Basically SPA centers are places, where people go for a recreational purpose, well-being or […]

Sunset Resort

Interior project for a SPA center and an indoor pool , both situated in the 5 star complex Sunset Resort in Pomorie Gallery The resort is a complex of a closed type and consists of 4 parts – 3 smaller blocks and one big central block where apartments and hotel type rooms are situated . […]

Diplomat Plaza

Reconstruction and working design project for a SPA center in Diplomat Plaza Hotel, Lukovit The new SPA center is designed and realized on ground floor level , the functional scheme is coherent to the conception of the hotel , spread over an area of 220 m2 , which is quite small compared to the area […]

Velly Hills

Residential complex in Velingrad with SPA center for daytime use A small SPA center designed over an area of 255 sq. m and situated upon the ground floor level of a residential building . The structure’s plan is symmetrical. In the axis’ line of entry the SPA reception is situated as to separate the dry […]

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