Reconstruction and interior design project for an office building


The design project covers the reconstruction of a group of existing office buildings which are part of an industrial zone, transforming it into a contemporary office with an outdoor and indoor modern space look. The building was old and needed a full renovation also a change of its existing functional scheme. The built up area of the offices is about 580 m2 situated in a two storey building .

On the first floor level of the building a big hall with two small cabinets was situated and on the upper level there were four cabinets.

After the renovation of the first floor level , there is a new plan configuration with two conference rooms and a room for exposures and demonstration of products , 3 big cabinets , office for the partners and a reception with a secretary office .

On the second floor level two cabinets are situated , a conference hall , parlor and a secretary office. To keep the one space unity feeling, the architects have chosen and placed a glass portal for keeping the visual connection between the exposition hall and the parlor . Both spaces are glass-encased so they can be visually perceived as one whole, but in the same time are isolated when important meetings are being held.

There are two entrances to the building – service entrance and a public entrance. The visitors go through the exhibition hall and then to the reception , so they can get acquainted with the products and work of the company .

Technical Specifications:

Area 580 sq.m.

July 2013.

Project visualizations:

Photos after implementation:

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