Konstantin Velichkov gas station

Filling station, gas station and commercial facility in Razsadnika-Bejanci district , Sofia city


The working design project is assigned as task from an investor with approved visa for researching and designing of a filling station with 3 fuel dispenser.

The commercial part of the facility consists of one big hall , where in the center are located two cash desks with working places . Freestanding shelves situated around the walls with different products on them – snacks, nuts, sweets’ packages , industrial products . On the left part there are tables and chairs for the coffee bar . An outdoor terrace linked with the coffee bar is considered.

The rest of the facility includes a store room for motor oils with a personal entrance from the outside and a store room for products sold in the filling station’s shop. Dressing rooms with showers and toilets for the staff are located in the basement level of the building, connected through a staircase accessible from the staff entrance.

The construction is reinforced concrete .


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