Gas station Slatina

Gas Station EKO with shop and coffee bar , bul. Shipchenski prohod N 63, Sofia


The entrance to the gas filling station is from bul. Shipchenski prohod . A commercial building with a big hall where in the central part there are two cash-desks with two working places. Next to the cash-desk is the coffee bar with a storage room.

There is a storage room for the products sold in the gas station’s shop and a staff’s entrance . There are staff rooms with showers and toilets and a special room for the safe the cash register in the underground level.

The facility is one storey with partial underground level . The structure is monolithic with window curtain walls and partly covered by aluminum panels Etal Bond with thermo insulation.

The canopy covering the three gas pumps is of metal a construction and paneled with aluminum sheets with the companies’ colours finish.

Total built up area: 250 sq.m.


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