Expo Persina Belene

Representative building of national park Persina , where different spaces will be arranged in order to house multifunctional type of activities.


An existing building structure which needed to be designed as an exposition’s interior space a hall area for– “Birds and fish regional species and the following zones will be arranged :

An information’s stand offering newssheets, brochures, magazines is situated in the center of the main entrance hall in the form of a hollow cylinder in order for the receptionist to have a good view towards the two opposite entrances.

The regional flora and fauna permanent exposition will be arranged upon the rolling interior sun blinds as suggested, the module of the blind is with the width of the window. While the temporary exhibitions will be arranged upon boards in the hall area and the idea is for the easier replacement of different expositions.

A bar is also designed in the main entrance hall area, where non alcoholic drinks, sandwiches and packed food will be served . Around it there will be tables chairs, coaches places for relax and discussions. The design of the bar has the same style as the information stand.

The suspended ceiling is designed so as not to block the glazed roof top.

A spot for children and for relax is also foreseen .


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