About Us

Intoarch Ltd. is an architectural studio established in 1997 , first registered as Arttemz.

It was founded by arch. Rumyana Tiholova who since 2010 works also as an apart-time lecturer in the Interior and Design of Architecture Department in the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, in Sofia .

The studio offers full exterior as well as interior design projects of civil , public , multi-functional buildings , hotels, offices and SPAs .

The studio is among the first, since 2003 , to design and realize SPA centers . Some of the most significant realizations are in big hotel complexes such as Sunset Resort Pomorie /2007-2008/ ; RIU Pravets Golf and SPA Resort /2008 -2009/ ; Lion Borovets Hotel /2013/ ; Berlin Park Vitosha Hotel in Boyana , Sofia /December 2013 /.

Our Team is specializing in preliminary research for choosing the most suitable type of SPA center, based on its location, the number and type of visitors etc. . We also offer consultations in functional planning and individual SPA concept .

The studio offers a full technical design project for the interior space , unique as a vision and individual style of the SPA center. Also we perform architectural supervision from the start to the very end of the project’s realization. Customized furniture could be also designed if requested by the investor , which emphasizes upon the unique version of his SPA center.

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