Professional Spa Design

Even with the most tempting and exotic services a spa could not be able to recoup its investments if it hasn’t been from the very beginning well planned as a functional scheme and well designed as an interior space. Interior with its details the correctly planned and realized functional connections between the different SPA areas […]

Architect Rumiana Tiholova about Bankia Mineral Bath

Arch. Rumiana Tiholova about the Mineral Waters’ Bath House in Bankya The Bankya’ s public bath house is waiting for her investor who will rescue her from a total destruction. Behind her closed doors and they have been closed for more than fifteen years lies 100 years old history of the contemporary Bulgarian Balneology. The […]

Interview with Architect Rumiana Tiholova

Архитект Румяна Тихолова: Минералните бани трябва да се реновират, за да могат да изпълняват    нови функции 03 април 2012 | 17:30 | Агенция “Фокус” Архитект Румяна Тихолова в интервю пред Агенция „Фокус”. Фокус: Каква е архитектурата на градската минерална баня през ХХ век? Румяна Тихолова: Минералната баня Банкя е архитектурен паметник в стил барок,  […]

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